Collective learning
Collective learning
Since 1992, Jiangsu GOLD Electric has gone through 21 years of self-improvement and entrepreneurship. In the past 21 years, Jiangsu GOLD Electric has developed from an unknown Research Institute into a leading enterprise and high-tech enterprise of solid-state relay series products, gathering the painstaking efforts and sweat of government staff at all levels, partners and enterprise employees! GOLD will remember everyone's kindness with a grateful heart, and encourage itself to innovate and become more successful!
At present, GOLD is facing a new starting point, new situation and new opportunities. We are fully prepared and have formulated a long-term development plan. Under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development, based on the solid state relay, we will focus on a series of products such as solid state voltage regulator, silicon controlled module, rectifier bridge module, power and voltage regulator, temperature control instrument, etc. In line with the purpose of "making contributions to the society, seeking benefits for employees, and creating benefits for the enterprise", we will accelerate the construction of modern enterprise system by "dedicating masterpieces", at the same time, we will build an advanced enterprise culture suitable for the development of the enterprise, and constantly enhance the soft power of the enterprise. Our short - and medium-term goal is to achieve sales of more than 100 million by 2015. Our vision is to make GOLD's excellent products all over the country and every corner of the world!
GOLD created a brilliant yesterday, GOLD is creating a more brilliant tomorrow. We will develop friendship with sincerity and dedication, expand cooperation, and widely establish a win-win strategic partnership. Achieve the lofty ambition and grand ideal of each of us!
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