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As a local brand in China, " GOLD ELETRIC" has gained advantages in R & D and production of power semiconductor components in the past 30 years. In this global war, "epidemic" has deepened users' deep understanding of China's independent brand building and capability.
China novel coronavirus pneumonia has seen many Chinese brands show their attention, and China brand has undergone a "stress test".
The high current 120a and 200A solid-state relays are the standard products in China's electronic components industry.

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More than 1000 mask machines (meltblown cloth machines and non-woven cloth machines) are equipped with large machine CKA, CTH, Sam and other series products; more than 10000 mask machines (meltblown cloth machines and non-woven cloth machines) are equipped with high current solid-state relay fast switch produced by "patent" of GOLD, which can make and break 100 times per second at most, and help to produce 50 masks per second

During the epidemic period, more than 500 domestic mask manufacturers used the high current solid state relay fast switch independently developed by GOLD to produce masks. Only in Jiangsu Province, where GOLD Electric is located, there are more than 300 mask manufacturers, which use the fast switch of GOLD super large current solid state relay to complete the production of mask machine. Among them, there are more than 100 mask manufacturing enterprises, which are enterprises that China assists countries and regions with serious global epidemic situation. Up to now, there are more than 500 enterprises using GOLD products in China.

In the face of a major public health crisis, Gute electric provides the core power for mask manufacturers to respond quickly, exert its power and highlight its value. It produces standardized "90", "94" and "95" medical masks for high port mask machines, such as melt blown cloth machines and non-woven cloth machines, equipped with high current solid-state relays and large machines. The supporting non-woven fabric machine is used to produce disposable medical masks. Ensure the production speed and quality of 50 masks per second to cope with the epidemic.

It is understood that during the severe epidemic period, the number of orders of Gute electric products doubled! "We produce sap48 series products for quick switch of mask machine, which makes it possible to produce 50 masks per second! Sam40200d solid-state machine is used for key temperature control of mask raw material "non-woven fabric" production; cka200kw of our company is used for plasticizing and pressing the frame around the anti epidemic mask Under the leadership of Yin Chenzhong and the cohesion of Gute's corporate culture and philosophy of "learning advanced technology and management, pursuing excellent product quality and promoting sustainable innovation ability", all employees of Gute know that without Gute products, many equipment will not operate normally! After leaving the factory, every solid state relay is making great contribution to the realization of China's industrial automation! In this regard, they set up lofty career ideals in their work!

"Work hard to contribute to the cause of anti epidemic", which is a giant slogan written on the display screen at the gate of Gute electric, as well as their anti epidemic action guide; Gute quality control group, led by Yin Chenzhong, takes out the consistent spirit of standardization and technology when the epidemic strikes, and strives to control the quality well, so that customers can be satisfied with the purchase and use at ease!

GOLD electric, which goes against the trend, makes GOLD a Chinese brand with high quality and high value. In this test, it shows strong social responsibility and enterprise responsibility, and highlights the power of GOLD, a Chinese brand. The company has a number of patents, is one of the leading enterprises in China. GOLD is committed to the R & D and production of high-efficiency, energy-saving and high-power solid-state relays. At present, it has formed a full range of solid-state relays and related power semiconductor voltage regulators, which can provide users with a full set of customized production solutions. GOLD has set up branches in many overseas countries and regions, which makes the brand and name of "China GOLD" famous in the international market. Products are exported to Europe, the United States, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, India and other dozens of countries and regions around the world, widely used in chemical fiber machinery, glass equipment, furnace temperature control, oil dispenser equipment, rubber machinery, CNC machinery, as well as user medical supplies mask machine, meltblown cloth, non-woven fabric and other industrial automation fields. In the process of providing anti epidemic products to the world, China shows its quality, brand and image. It is his long cherished wish, ideal and belief to "let GOLD's high quality products spread all over every factory in China and every corner of the world". Like many outstanding entrepreneurs, he did not forget the original intention, bravely forward, in the anti epidemic, highlight the brand responsibility!

Yin Chenzhong, a semiconductor major and graduated from the Physics Department of Nanjing University of physics, led GOLD to start his own business in 1992, starting from a research institute and growing all the way. As a "practical" expert in the field of amorphous silicon materials and promoting industrial innovation through technology research and development, he is very grateful for the strong support of national policies for private enterprises. With the foresight and sagacity of entrepreneurs, he studied and judged the future trend of the industry. He said that with the acceleration of industrial Internet, 5g, new infrastructure and artificial intelligence, China will win "double victories" in epidemic prevention and economic development, and will certainly make great achievements!

GOLD Electric is an enterprise that has successfully developed the crimp type solid state relay (600a-1600a); it is the main unit drafting and formulating the "industry standard" and "national standard" of China's solid state relay; it is an important production base of China's solid state relay The company has a solid state relay Engineering Research Center. Facing the new situation and new tasks, GOLD is seizing new opportunities, establishing new ideas, laying out the strategic plan for tackling key problems in the post epidemic era, taking advantage of the situation and forging ahead bravely!

The company specializes in the development and production of solid state relay, power semiconductor module, voltage and power controller and soft start controller, fan governor product series, intelligent temperature control instrument. Products include: AC solid state relay 1a-1600a, DC 1a-600a full series of solid state relay products; silicon controlled module 25a-1600a, rectifier module 10a-800a; power controller single-phase 7kw-33kw, three-phase 10kw-200kw full series products; ct3s intelligent digital display power regulator 10kw-200kw; CSM motor intelligent soft start controller 50kw-200kw; single-phase, three-phase AC fan governor product series Full range of intelligent temperature control instruments. Products through the United States of America and Canada UL, EU CE, Germany TUV certification and ROHS testing standards.

In 2002, the company passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and was identified as one of the three major production bases of solid state relay in China by "global resources" in 2002. The company is located in Hudai Industrial Park, Binhu District, Wuxi City. Jiangsu Gute company is one of the main units to formulate the national standard and industry standard of solid state relay, with a number of patents.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality, technology and reputation" to serve customers. The products are used in chemical fiber machinery, glass equipment, furnace temperature control, oil dispenser equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, CNC machinery and other industrial automation fields, and are exported to Europe, the United States of America, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, India and other countries.

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