SDP series solid state relay is a kind of contactless on-off electronic switch with DC control. Two small terminals are input control terminals and the other two large terminals are output control terminals. Photoelectric isolation is adopted between input and output. By adding DC signal to the input, the output can change from off state to on state (blocking state when there is no signal), so as to control large load. The whole device has no movable parts and contacts. It uses power transistor or high-power MOS tube, IGBT tube and other devices to replace the traditional electromagnetic coil relay with contacts. It has the characteristics of long life, high reliability, fast switching speed, strong anti-interference ability, small electromagnetic interference, no noise, no spark and so on. Due to the above characteristics, DC solid state relay is widely used in DC motor drive, solenoid valve, communication and network equipment, computer terminal products, digital audio, video equipment, automatic control system, instrumentation, medical equipment, entertainment facilities, fountains and other occasions. Especially suitable for corrosion, humidity, dust, explosion-proof and other harsh environment, and frequent switching occasions.

Between the control loop and the load loop, photoelectric isolation MOS transistor, Darlington triode, IGBT output

International standard installation dimension

LED indicates the working state

Epoxy resin pouring, strong anti-corrosion and anti explosion ability, flame retardant shell with safety cover

Load voltage 80VDC, 110VDC, 480vdc, 600vdc, load current 5-80a

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