SAH series solid state relay is a new type of switch device with excellent performance manufactured by advanced technology. The controller is designed with integrated heat dissipation mode. There are no movable contact parts on and off. It has high structural strength, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, long service life, fast switching speed, no noise and high reliability It has the advantages of small volume, no spark, explosion-proof, shock resistance and strong shock resistance. It is widely used in electric furnace heating constant temperature system, numerical control machinery, plastic machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, petrochemical equipment, entertainment facilities and other automation control fields, suitable for all kinds of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

Photoelectric isolation between control circuit and load circuit

Zero crossing conduction or random conduction can be selected

Integrated design of heat dissipation to improve heat dissipation efficiency

Guide rail installation or screw positioning installation, simple and convenient

LED indicates the working state

Built in RC absorption circuit, strong anti-interference ability

The output terminal adopts copper reversed card structure, which is stable and increases the contact surface

When using, it should be equipped with proper radiator, and air cooling should be strengthened if necessary

Sah60 series has its own fuse, over current protection and load short circuit protection

4-32vdc or 90-280vac control

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