• what is solid state relay? what is solid state relay?
    Solid State Relay (SSR) is a fully electronic circuit combination component that relies on the electrical, magnetic, and optical characteristics of semiconductor devices and electronic components to complete its isolation and relay switching functions.Compared with traditional electromagnetic relays (EMR), solid-state relays are relays that have no mechanical or moving components, but have essentially the same functions as electromagnetic relays.Solid state relays are divided into DC input AC output type, DC input branch output type, AC input AC output type, and AC input DC output type according to their working properties.
  • Team development in Taihu Lake Team development in Taihu Lake
    The company specializes in the development and production of solid state relay, power semiconductor module, voltage and power regulation controller and soft start controller, fan governor product series; intelligent temperature control instrument. Products include: AC solid state relay 1a-1600a, DC 1a-600a series of solid-state relay products; SCR module 25a-1600a, rectifier module 10a-800a; power controller single-phase 7kw-33kw, three-phase 10kw-200kw full series products; ct3s intelligent digital display power regulator 10kw-200kw; CSM motor intelligent soft start controller 50kw-200kw; single-phase, three-phase AC fan governor product series All series of intelligent temperature control instruments. The products have passed UL, EU CE, TUV, tuvus certification and ROHS testing standards in USA and Canada.

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